Why Software Companies See Value in Hiring Python Developers

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Python is the world's third most-used software programming language, and it is used by h...

Python is the world's third most-used software programming language, and it is used by hundreds and thousands of companies worldwide, including Google, Spotify, and Amazon. Since its release in 1991, Python has become known for its versatility, simplicity and cost-effectiveness, which has made it a continued popular language that has remained relevant since its conception.

But is this still the case and should growing software companies consider it as a necessary skill when building a tech team? In this guide, we’ll answer these questions as we explore the role and the key reasons you consider when considering hiring Python developers to support the growth of your business.

In this guide, we’ll explore the following:

  • What is a Python Developer?
  • 5 Key Reasons You Should Consider Hiring Python Developers

What is a Python Developer?

Python developers use Python programming language to develop, troubleshoot and implement application projects. Operating on the server side of web applications in software engineering, they help front-end developers and external web services integrate the Python application into their programs. Python software developers also support tasks relating to data analysis, web development, and the application of automation tools to help produce scripted code.

The ultimate aim of a Python developer is to write logic for back-end server-side web applications. They can be hired to work in contract or permanent Python developer jobs, supporting back-end and front-end developers in connecting their projects with Python applications. 

Typically, Python developers will work for the following:

Global tech corporations and start-ups

  • Healthcare
  • Financial services firms
  • Education
  • Government agencies
  • Non-profit organisations
  • Freelance 

Let’s take a look at the core responsibilities of Python software developers:

  • Writing and developing scalable code
  • Testing, troubleshooting and debugging programs
  • Designing, developing and implementing back-end components 
  • Using server-side logic to integrate user-facing elements into applications
  • Optimising the functionality of existing systems
  • Implementing data protection and security measures
  • Assessing and prioritising company and client feature requests
  • Collaborating with internal front-end and back-end teams 

If you’re considering the possibility of hiring Python developers, here are some of the candidate credentials to look out for:

  • Proven work experience in Python development
  • Expertise using various Python frameworks such as Flask and Django
  • Experience working with front-end technologies and languages such as JavaScript
  • Knowledge of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)
  • Proficient data analytical skills
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Teamwork skills with an ability to also work independently
  • A degree in computer science, software engineering, or a relevant field

Now that we’ve covered the key points of what a Python developer is, let's explore the primary reasons you should consider hiring talent within this niche.

5 Key Reasons You Should Consider Hiring Python Developers

There are a bunch of reasons businesses consider adopting Python software and hiring Python developers as part of their software engineering recruitment strategy. The benefits of Python and acquiring these types of top-notch developers involve the versatility of the language and professionals in the space and their ability to access various frameworks. Other advantages include the fact that the programming language is simple to integrate, cost-effective, and has a stellar support community.

With that said, let’s dive into the key reasons you should consider hiring Python developers.  

1. Python Software Developers are Versatile

Today, Python software is known for being a versatile programming language capable of supporting various tasks. By hiring Python developers, you can tap into this versatility, from adopting AI and ML to data analysis and web development. 

Python software developers can help implement various applications, from standard mobile and web applications to more complex tasks such as building e-commerce platforms and projects related to software engineering and data science. Due to their versatility, hiring Python developers enables businesses to work on a wide array of development projects, setting them apart from the competition and keeping them up-to-date with the evolving tech space. 

Additionally, Python's versatility is evident in its cross-platform compatibility. Developers can use the programming language to create various apps for operating systems, including iOS, Android, and Windows, allowing organisations to access a broader user base. So, if your business is looking to roll out a high-functioning app that can be easily updated and maintained across multiple operating systems, then the versatility of Python developers is worth investing in.

2. Python Software Developers can Access Various Frameworks

Hiring Python developers allows your business to access various libraries and frameworks within the Python software ecosystem. These libraries and frameworks are a collection of pre-coded modules used to build the foundations of a web application. 

Python frameworks help developers tasked with completing highly complex projects save time and effort, making application implementation seamless. At times when there is a talent shortage in software engineering, these various frameworks, including the likes of Django and Flask, are valuable assistants and tools for talent in this space and help optimise various applications' functionality and usability.

For example, Django makes the development of complex web applications seamless. As a free, open-source framework, it supports developers who want to take their concept applications to implementation stages in a rapid, secure, and scalable fashion. 

Flask is referred to as a microframework due to its lightweight, simple, flexible, and scalable traits. Often used for more straightforward applications, it offers the fundamental components needed to develop web applications, such as templating, testing, request handling, and routing. 

By hiring Python developers, your business can get the best out of the programming language, accessing various frameworks to speed up the processes of your software-related projects. Whether you're working on AI and ML automation, web development applications, data analysis, DevOps, and IT infrastructure projects, a Python developer can help harness various Python frameworks to complete these projects and meet your requirements quickly and efficiently.

3. Python Software is Simple 

One of the biggest benefits of Python is its simplicity. Even for beginners starting their career in software, it's a programming language that's easy to pick up, learn and become an expert in. Python comes with a simple syntax, allowing developers to focus on creating applications and completing complex tasks quickly. This simplicity makes coding a piece of cake when working on various applications across different platforms, rather than spending ages trying to decipher complex code.  

You may be looking to adopt Python in your business but don't have the resources to get to grips with it. In this scenario, consider hiring Python developers to take control of the programming language for you. Their deep expertise and knowledge of the ins and outs of the programming language can help you realise the various benefits of Python and the simplicity of utilising it across your software projects. 

Additionally, you could recruit an experienced Python software developer on a contract or permanent basis to help train other coders or aspiring developers within your business. As Python is easy to pick up, they can help you establish and build a team of talented developers competent in using the programming language. 

Think of it this way: if you're looking to develop high-functioning applications and complex software projects, it makes sense to find the most simple yet efficient programming languages to do so. It also makes sense to hire people who can harness the simplicity of said language. So, when hiring top software talent, it's a no-brainer to adopt Python due to its simplicity and consider hiring developers who can get the most out of this simple language.

4. Python is a Cost-Effectiveness Software Solution 

Another one of the top benefits of Python and attracting software talent in this space is that they come with significant cost-savings. Python is an open-source language with various tools, libraries and frameworks that are easily accessible and free to use. With Python, you don’t have to pay a license fee, unlike other programming languages and software solutions. As a result, you’re saving money right away. 

We’ve mentioned the versatility and simplicity of Python software, which also corresponds to cost savings. As tasks and projects can be scaled and completed quickly with Python, less time and resources need to be accounted for, which can save a fair chunk of money. 

Hiring a full-stack Python developer with expertise in both the back-end and front-end aspects of development can also save you money. Their ability to work across multiple roles, from software engineering and software development to data analytics, can reduce labour costs, the need to invest in support from external resources and overall project expenses.

Having an in-house or contractor Python developer within your business can save training and development costs. An experienced Python software developer can take the lead on training your software team without requiring your company to invest in an external training provider or pay for specific Python courses. 

5. There’s a Stellar Community of Python Developers 

One of the top benefits of Python and those operating within the space is its extensive support community. As of 2023, the global community of Python software talent has amassed over 17 million developers. Python’s following alone reveals how prominent the programming language is and explains why many businesses opt for Python and Python developers.

The sheer size of the Python community reflects the industry's talent pool and the plethora of options regarding candidate selection. With support from an efficient HR team and software recruitment agency, you can tap into this broad community and bring in the go-getters you need to truly harness the potential of Python. 

When onboarding a Python developer into your business, you can monitor the community to source future hires, networking and additional support. You and your Python developer could seek support from the community to help overcome a specific challenge your business has encountered with the software. 

The Python community should be seen as a valuable resource and knowledge base you and your software team can utilise when needed. It can also help you stay updated with industry developments, insights, and best practices to support future projects and business growth.

Wrapping up Why You Should Consider Hiring Python Developers

Businesses considering hiring Python developers should now understand that talent in this space brings many benefits. As we’ve covered in this guide, Python software developers are versatile professionals who can support diverse tasks, from AI and ML to data analysis and web development. They can access various Python frameworks and libraries to streamline projects and enhance the functionality and scalability of applications.

Additionally, they can help your company realise the simplicity of Python software and are a cost-effective solution, providing significant savings on licensing fees and training resources. The extensive Python community is also a major plus, providing you with opportunities to network, share knowledge and source top Python developers for your business. 

Considering all these benefits of Python developers, hiring professionals in this niche can equip your brand with the people and tools necessary to thrive in the fast-paced world of tech.

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