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Our team takes a radical approach to engineering recruitment, and we’re driven by matching future leaders to the world’s most innovative tech companies.

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High-powered engineering recruitment solutions

Our team are on a mission to do things differently, disrupt the status quo, and break away from traditional recruitment models. We’re driven by inspiring and forward-thinking experts who are dedicated to identifying future tech talent passionate about pushing our clients' success. With our dynamic approach, we’re the best on the market for supporting you in finding that experienced senior exec or the rough diamond itching to apply for the latest engineering jobs.

We’re obsessive in nature. Our goal is to become an extension of your business, the brand behind your brand, enabling us to help you build exceptional teams to power growth and ensure you’re a leading tech company in your highly competitive market. So, let’s build a partnership and start that important journey to empower your business’s future.

A radical engineering jobs provider

Tired of dealing with recruitment consultants who simply see you as a way to make their monthly commission? Forget the rest, tear up the rule book, and work with a job search partner who sees you as an individual, not a money maker. Our team have broken with tradition and paved a new approach to recruitment. We offer a revolutionary job search service that is fun (yes, it’s possible!), focused on you and guaranteed to match you to leading organisations in the tech world.

So get a job that makes you jump out of bed in the morning, and contact our team today. We’re committed to helping you open doors to engineering jobs that best match your experience and skill set. We’ll be by your side throughout the recruitment process and ensure you get a career that gets your pulse racing. Our team are ready and waiting to start your recruitment journey.

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Our engineering recruitment specialisms


As an ever-evolving and dynamic sector that powers a digital age where people increasingly use digital products and services daily, businesses must have the expert talent to keep them innovative, cutting-edge, and ahead of the competition. Our team’s mission is to find that stellar talent to power our client’s futures.

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Our team understands the importance of data jobs in shaping the future of tech. Responsible for helping businesses enhance their decision-making and smash business objectives, we know you need electrifying talent to fill these roles. So, we’re committed to connecting tech-savvy talent to the most electrifying brands on the market.

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Cloud and DevOps roles are vital for businesses seeking to thrive in the ever-evolving tech world. With expert talent, businesses can experience enhanced customer service, speedier time-to-market, improved operational efficiency, and rise above the competition. We’re obsessed with providing top talent to help our clients unlock their potential.

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Need inspiring talent to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data and systems within your business? Our team is obsessed with finding the next generation of leaders for roles, including security architects, security analysts, and compliance officers. So let’s secure your business with fervent talent hungry for success.

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Check out the latest engineering Jobs

Hey, caught you looking! Don’t worry, we know our latest engineering jobs are incredibly attractive. So, let us support you in taking that next step in joining a recruitment agency that wants to do things differently and is ready to prioritise your needs. Explore the latest engineering jobs today and get ready for an incredible new career.

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Want to energise your future with the latest engineering jobs? Submit your CV today, and one of our future-focused team will be in touch to discuss how we can support you on the road to a new career.

Want to discover talent? Explore our recruitment services

Looking for future talent who will drive your business’s future success? Our tailored recruitment services will match you with innovative and skilled candidates who are ready to be the next generation of leaders.

Standard Recruitment

Our Standard Recruitment search solution supports your business in finding prime tech candidates for temporary and contract positions. We’ll help power your brand by matching you with the tech industry's most ambitious go-getters who are prepared to help you overcome your hiring challenges.

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Talent as a Service - TAAS

Our TaaS model allows us to establish close and long-term client relationships. By embedding ourselves in your business, we learn your culture, story, and the individuals and skills you need to succeed. By aligning your strategies with your business's goals, we can deliver outstanding results for your company.

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Executive Search

Our Executive Search team are experts at placing senior-level roles across the tech industry. From major corporations to start-ups, we leverage our vast network to connect tech businesses with quality C-level talent who will help build their businesses and achieve their goals and make a mark in tech.

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Our other recruitment specialisms

Our specialist recruitment services are tailored to meet the recruitment needs of leading brands across the tech sector. Discover more about our specialist industries


We match talented candidates with leading and trusted companies within the Digital sector, including areas such as Brand Marketing, Analytics, and Conversion Optimisation

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We connect prominent tech brands with dynamic professionals in diverse product fields, including Product Ownership, Product Management, UX and UI Design, and Business Analytics. 

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If you're a growing business looking for talented professionals or a candidate looking for new product jobs, we're here to help! Our product recruitment team is relentlessly committed to providing you with the specialist resources and support you need to shake up your future.

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