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Nonconformist digital recruitment solutions

Calling all business leaders! Let’s be honest, without a team of dedicated and skilled professionals behind you, your company will quickly fall behind your competitors. So, our mission is to become the brand behind your brand and an extension of your business. The goal of our mission? To develop a partnership with you to build an innovative and driven team who will be instrumental in transforming your business's future.

"But why should I choose you over the hordes of other recruitment agencies out there?" Good question! Our team are on a mission to break tradition and revolutionise how we attract and place the best tech talent on the market who are ready to shake up the world of tech. We’re obsessed with seeking the talent that will help transform your business and drive your future success. So, whether you’re looking for the latest member of your leadership team or that young go-getter wanting to start their career in tech with the latest digital jobs.

Providing an alternative digital jobs search

The traditional job search is dead! Long live MRJ! Dealing with recruitment consultants can sometimes be infuriating. No personality, no focus on you, and a simple ‘sell, sell, sell’ attitude. But don’t give up yet. Things can be different. Our dynamic team have made it our purpose to shake things up and provide you with a personal and easy-going approach that is also committed to providing you with the latest digital jobs that will transform your career.

We want you to have a career that will put a spring in your step and help you break any glass ceiling you come across. Our super-approachable team provides an effective recruitment service that will open doors to work at leading and respected global tech companies. We’re committed to supporting you every step of the way in the recruitment process to ensure the smoothest journey into a new career. So, get energised, chat with our incredible team, and prepare for your dream career.

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Our digital recruitment specialisms


Our Digital recruitment team go beyond simply filling vacancies; they excel at matching stellar talent with the most rapidly expanding tech companies. So whether you’re a growing brand or an ambitious candidate, we’ll power your future with the industry's top talent and jobs Click below for more information. 

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Conversion Optimisation

We do more than just place talent into businesses and help candidates find their dream job. Our Digital recruitment team powers brands and people, pushing them further than they thought possible.The same goes for our approach to optimization jobs and people. Click below and see for yourself.

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Performance Marketing

We go beyond the conventional role of talent placement and job seeking. Our Digital recruitment team is dedicated to empowering brands and individuals, propelling them to heights they never imagined. When it comes to performance marketing jobs and talent, our approach is equally transformative.

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Brand Marketing

Our savvy and innovative Digital recruitment team transcends traditional talent placement and job-seeking boundaries. We’re committed to powering brands and people. When it comes to the freshest brand marketing jobs and talent, we’re revolutionising the tech industry, one brand at a time.

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Check out the Latest Digital Jobs

Have our latest digital jobs caught your eye? Wonderful! Let us support you in taking that next crucial step towards joining a recruiter who breaks the norm and is ready to put you first. Check out the latest product jobs today and prepare for a  phenomenal new beginning.

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Looking to transform your career with the latest product jobs? Submit your CV today, and one of our radical and elite consultants will be in touch for a chat to discover how we can illuminate your future.

Building a dream team? Discover our recruitment services

Looking for ambitious talent to enable your business to flourish? Our bespoke recruitment services are designed to connect you to exceptional candidates and power the next generation of leaders.

Standard Recruitment

Our bespoke Standard Recruitment search solution gives you exclusive access to the tools and expertise you require to fill your temporary and contract roles with go-getting tech talent. We’ll connect you to the biggest go-getters in tech.

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Talent as a Service - TAAS

Our Talent as a Service will build deep and long-term relationships with your business. We embed ourselves in your organisation to gain extensive insight into your story, culture, and the personalities and skills you need to drive high level growth.

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Executive Search

Looking for leaders to help drive and innovate your business? Our Executive Search team has unrivalled experience and expertise in placing senior-level roles across the tech industry. We work closely with clients from global organisations to start-ups and use our extensive networks.

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Our other recruitment specialisms

Our specialist recruitment services are tailored to meet the recruitment needs of leading brands across the tech sector. Discover more about our specialist industries.


We connect prominent and innovative tech brands with dynamic professionals in diverse fields of engineering, including Software, Data, Cloud, DevOps, and Security.

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We match quality candidates with trusted firms within the Product sector, including Product Ownership, Product Management, UX and UI Design, and Business Analytics

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Ready to disrupt the tech industry? Join us today!

Whether you’re a candidate looking to breathe new life into your career or a rising business looking for that hidden gem who will transform your future, we’re here and ready to support you. Our fun-filled and enthusiastic digital recruitment team are driven to provide you with the expert support and resources you need to galvanise your future.