Interview Testing Conversations #7 Jacob Rexstraw QA Manager

2 minutes

INTROA knowledgeable figure within the world of QA, Jacob Rexstraw is the latest expert to g...


A knowledgeable figure within the world of QA, Jacob Rexstraw is the latest expert to graciously volunteer to share some of his time and experiences across his full and varied career. He delved into the unorthodox start to his career and his predictions on the future evolution of the QA and Testing space. 

His wealth of experience and deep understanding of the industry provided invaluable insights that we're thrilled to share with our readers. We're grateful for Jacob's willingness to share his time and expertise and we're confident that his perspectives will help our readers gain a deeper understanding of the ever-evolving world of software testing.

How Did You Get into Testing?

I Started out in recruitment and very quickly realised it wasn’t for me. 

My friends from Uni then started working for TT Games down in Maidenhead and asked, “why don’t you go work with them?” It was awesome! Testing Lego games all day? The dream! 

To this day, I firmly believe that games testing makes you a better exploratory teste 

Advice for Testers New to the Industry?

Don’t focus on just "Checking it works"

Be curious and routinely go out of your comfort zone to better understand how something works and why it works the way it does. Approach every single task, bug, user story, etc like this and you will become a subject matter expert, grow your confidence in what you do and guide others to be better testers.

What Tech Are You Using at the Moment?

All of it! :D AzDo, Azure, AWS, Cypress, Selenium, Postman, Jira, to name a few.

Any Predictions on Future Tech or Where You Can See It Going?

I think people will embrace VR meetups more than we think. Remote working isn’t going anyway anytime soon, but I do believe that people need interaction with others so the middle ground will be more and more companies doing actual VR meetups. Time will tell.