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We all know that the tech industry is an uber-competitive market, and the need for brands to attract top talent will only increase. Without a team of skilled professionals who are hungry for success, you will quickly fall behind and become irrelevant behind the main players in the market. We’re committed to matching inspiring talent to groundbreaking brands looking to shape the future of tech. Whether you’re a global brand or a brand-new start-up, we’ll find the talent you need to drive your success.  

Our team’s obsession with success is creating an experience for our clients and candidates that goes against the grain. For candidates, we offer the freshest security jobs that will ignite your career. For clients, we aim to connect you with the industry leaders of the future who will help transform your business’s future. So whether you need top-tier talent to send your brand to the next level or are looking for a dream security career, our fervent team is ready to support you on your journey.

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We’re a team of disruptors ready to revolutionise the tech industry and redefine the recruitment landscape. Our extensive decade-long experience has made us the obvious choice for clients and candidates seeking a fresh and unconventional approach. If you’re ready to challenge the status quo and embark on a radical journey in search of the latest security jobs and mind-blowing talent, join our mission today and let’s create waves.

In our rebellion against conventional recruitment practices, we elevate candidate experiences to a different plant by relentlessly pursuing security jobs that will allow your career to blast off. For our clients, we go beyond being a recruitment agency - we become an extension of your brand, integrating our expert team into your recruitment process. By deeply understanding our clients and candidates, we ignite a path towards an extraordinary future.

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Our other recruitment specialisms

While we understand that your mind is blown already about what we can offer you, brace yourself, there’s even more to come! Our team possess extensive expertise across a wide range of sectors within the tech industry. Dive into our specialisms below and see how we can support you.


Our team specialises in creating connections between elite talent and innovative brands in the digital space. Our expertise extends across various fields, including Analytics, Conversion Optimisation, Performance Marketing, and Brand Marketing. 

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Our matchmaking team are dedicated to connecting the next generation of talent with stellar tech businesses in the product sector. We cover a range of areas, including Product Ownership, Product Management, Business Analytics, and UX/UI.

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Need trailblazing talent? Explore our recruitment services

Are you in pursuit of the next generation of tech visionaries? Our nonconformist recruitment services are primed to support you in your mission. Dive into the incredible solutions we offer below and define the meaning of reaching your full potential.

Standard Recruitment

Elevate your tech brand to a new level with our standard recruitment service. Fueled by unmatched expertise and state-of-the-art tools that seamlessly match your business with the most dynamic tech talent available. Whether you’re in need of permanent, temporary, or contract positions, we’re here to support you.

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Talent as a Service

Embark on a transformative journey with our talent-as-a-service solution. It goes way beyond conventional recruitment as we become your trusted partner and an extension of your brand. With our team of visionary recruiters, we deliver bespoke and specialised support to fulfil your distinctive hiring requirements.

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Executive Search

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your brand? Then discover our executive search solution. Our dedicated team help you discover leaders who are able to create shockwaves in the tech industry. With an obsessive drive to succeed, we will work closely with you to attract top-tier C-suite talent, ensuring your brand rises above your competitors.

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Are you a growing business seeking to build a team of stellar professionals or ambitious candidates with dreams of commencing a career in security? Then look no further. Our dynamic security recruitment team are here to provide you with unrivalled resources and dedicated support to fuel your future success.

Reach out to our radical recruitment team today and unleash your full potential.

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