Case Study

MoneySuperMarket - Case Study

Globally recognised as the UK’s leading price comparison site with over 13.1 million users interacting with their services each month, is an innovative data-driven organisation specialising in financial services that was formed in 1993 to “Help households save money”. Made up of five distinct brands that are spread out across Ewloe, London and Manchester (a modern tech-hub housing up to 350+ people), MoneySupermarket in 2019 alone helped users save an estimated £2.5bn on their household bills with the figure growing year on year! (In 2017 for example they saved an estimated £1.9 billion).

Beginning of a Partnership

The Story

In 2017, our partnership with MoneySuperMarket began when the team, having achieved success with various offices in the past, established a satellite office in Manchester.

Following a recommendation directly to the CTO and Recruitment team on our skills as talent scouts via a Product Director who we’d previously placed, we began working with the business and embarked on an unforgettable journey. Initially working alongside the CTO and MSM leaders, we’ve helped provide valuable insights into the talent market and identified top candidates for critical roles within the organisation. 

The Challenge

By consistently delivering and creating strong connections with MoneySuperMarket's various Talent Acquisition Partners throughout the years, we gained valuable insights into the types of individuals who thrive and those who do not align with the company's culture.

It's in this ability to map out a corporate ethos and deliver against it that we truly thrive. From values to beliefs and even just general personality types, if they weren't the right fit, we're not going to waste anyone's time and will match them somewhere they will.

As a result, our partnership has flourished, and MoneySuperMarket now regularly seeks our expertise in recruiting top talent for their technology divisions whenever they need a helping hand.

The Solution

Through our collaborative efforts, and regularly communicating with MSM's internal recruiter, we created a winning formula of attracting and hiring top, diverse talent that struck gold time and time and time again.

The foundation of this success story lay in the power of teamwork making the dream work. MoneySuperMarket had a unique approach to recruiting talent, and as soon as we noticed it, we quickly seized the opportunity to create a synergy unique to us.

Updates, insights, and feedback flowed back and forth between us, accompanied by a shared commitment to excellence.


Through this, we've successfully filled several key positions and since helped MSM grow from 40 people to now having over 300+ staff. Alongside that, we’ve supplied staff during huge company transitions and contributed directly to their huge rebrand, growth and launch of a new tech-driven platform!

Just a snapshot of the roles we’ve filled include positions in:

·        Engineering

·        Product

·        Design

·        Test

Placements made up to 2023
CV sent to hire ratio
Average time to hire (days)

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