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MoneySuperMarket - Case Study

Globally recognised as the UK’s leading price comparison site with over 13.1 million users interacting with their services each month, is an innovative data-driven organisation specialising in financial services that was formed in 1993 to “Help households save money”. Made up of five distinct brands that are spread out across Ewloe, London and Manchester (a modern tech-hub housing up to 350+ people), MoneySupermarket in 2019 alone helped users save an estimated £2.5bn on their household bills with the figure growing year on year! (In 2017 for example they saved an estimated £1.9 billion).

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From Satellite to Powerhouse:

Building a Dream Team in Manchester for MSM

In 2017, our partnership with MoneySuperMarket began when the team, having achieved success with various offices in the past, established a satellite office in Manchester.

Leveraging a successful placement of a Product Director, Billy (the account manager) and his team impressed the CTO and Recruitment team with our talent scouting skills. This led to an initial collaboration where we provided valuable insights into the talent market and identified top candidates for critical roles across the organisation in areas like:





Fast Track to Top Tech Talent:

How We Streamlined MoneySuperMarket's Hiring

By building strong relationships with MoneySuperMarket's Talent Acquisition team and fully engrossing ourselves into everything the brand was up to, we were able to identify ideal tech talent quickly and efficiently. Our collaborative approach and constant communication have made us a trusted partner, consistently attracting top diverse candidates.

We weren't just filling seats though – we provided talent during critical transitions and directly contributed to their rebrand, expansion, and the launch of their ground-breaking tech platform. Our teamwork helped MSM grow from a team of 40 to over 300 strong!

Cracking the Code

Through our collaborative efforts, and regularly communicating with MSM's internal recruiter, we created a winning formula of attracting and hiring top, diverse talent that struck gold time and time and time again.

The foundation of this success story lay in the power of teamwork making the dream work. MoneySuperMarket had a unique approach to recruiting talent, and as soon as we noticed it, we quickly seized the opportunity to create a synergy unique to us. 

Expanding the Partnership

Our collaborative spirit extends beyond recruitment. Today, we enjoy a close working relationship with MSM, allowing us to host several "manc.js" networking events – catering to JavaScript programmers and software development enthusiasts – right within their offices! 

Want to join the community? Check out our meetup page for details on the next event and connect with fellow tech enthusiasts!

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