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Matillion - Case Study

Matillion is a data transformation, data analytics and data insights company that collates information from a range of sources and transfers it into actionable insights for their clients (think transferring from APIs etc.). From these insights, clients will be able to achieve new levels of business simplicity, speed, saving and scalability. Founded in 2011 they’ve now ascended to unicorn status having raised $310.32M over 10 rounds and hitting $57M in revenue and 500 customers in 2023.

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The Art of the Sell

Our journey with Matillion started in 2019 through a previous association with the hiring manager, whom we had successfully filled role with at another company. Building on an established relationship, our track record made us an obvious and dependable choice. Since then, we’ve worked on a range of roles from Director level right down to Mid-level including:

Software Engineers

Software Architects

Product Managers

Engineering Managers

Technical Leads


More Than Just Metrics:

Recruiting for Cultural Alignment and Strategic Growth

Headlining this account was Billy, one of our directors. From UK to Ireland placements, A huge factor came from really nailing their sell – As a tech company on the rise, it’s easy as a recruiter to just rest on your laurels and let the stats do the talking.

A good recruiter is more than just that though. we outlined three key things they wanted delivering on:

a) Cultural Alignment: Matillion's culture is paramount, and candidates needed to align naturally with the company's values

b) Strategic Contribution: The company wanted individuals with a strategic mindset, capable of helping reach Matillion's long-term vision.

c) Team Integration: Candidates needed to possess the ability to form strong bonds with colleagues and create a community and close-knit team.

Every Step of the Way

We’re proud to have recruited and placed tech talent within Matillion’s core teams from Director level right down to Mid-level during significant growth phases:

  • Transition from being Manchester-based to operating entirely remotely
  • Placed key roles during Matillion’s growth from c200 to now over 500-person squad
  • Worked directly with Matillion as they’ve gone through their series C, D, and E funding rounds, culminating in the fantastic achievement of Matillion reaching unicorn status in 2021 with a valuation of approximately $1.5 billion.

Cultivating Culture

Effectively selling a tech company like Matillion involved more than just presenting statistics and achievements. It required fully understanding their vision and being able to capture the essence of the company's culture, vision, and potential in conversations. 

Throughout their changes, we maintained an agile and proactive approach to talent acquisition and stayed closely attuned to the evolving needs of the company.

Today, we stand proud as contributors to Matillion's success story with the company being announced as hosts of our QA & Testing networking event MCR.test.

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