Case Study

EVRi - Case Study

EVRi is the leading courier firm across the UK that offers a range of delivery options, including same-day, next-day, and international delivery, as well as services for returning purchases and sending gifts.

Senior appointments
Hires made
CV sent to hire ratio
Beginning of a Partnership

The Story

Our story with EVRi' begins 7 years ago, where we recruited top talent for C-level positions (CIO, etc.) upon the former Morrisons HR Director's request.

Our flexible search model ensured we found the right cultural fit alongside the skills needed to shape EVRi's future. We identified key positions, crafted targeted descriptions, and leveraged our network for a successful recruitment strategy. Since then, we’ve worked closely and filled a number of key roles including:


Head of Service

Head of Engineering

Product Managers

Project Managers

Data Analysts

Beyond C-Suite:

Why We Were Trusted to Build Out EVRi’s Tech Teams

We soared past C-level placements, becoming EVRi's trusted partner for all talent needs. We placed top professionals in product, Java, Dev, and built their UX team from scratch.

Our secret sauce? Identifying EVRi's unique value proposition. Unlike others who saw just "parcel delivery," we showcased their exciting tech side, attracting high-calibre talent often overlooked by competitors.

From Parcel Delivery to Tech Powerhouse

We saw beyond the "parcel delivery" façade, uncovering EVRi's tech core. We placed top talent in product, Java, Dev, and built their UX team, fuelling their transformation. Our deep dives helped build a massive tech hub in Leeds, attracting talent that revolutionized their operations. Paper-based processes are a thing of the past; today, EVRi thrives on agile tech thanks to our partnership and senior hires.

Senior Hires that fuelled business growth

We secured transformative hires for EVRi, including CIO, Head of Service, and Head of Engineering. These leaders reshaped the company, aligning IT with business goals, prioritizing customer experience, and driving innovation. Their expertise positioned EVRi for long-term success.

Recruiting Tomorrow's People Today

We understand that setting and reaching goals can be a challenging process, and we are here to provide you with the tools, resources, and support you need to succeed. We’ll empower you to be the best you.

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