Case Study

EVRi - Case Study

EVRi is the leading courier firm across the UK that offers a range of delivery options, including same-day, next-day, and international delivery, as well as services for returning purchases and sending gifts.

Beginning of a Partnership

The Story

Our journey with the EVRi team begins over 7 years ago with Morrisons past HR Director, upon moving to the business, bringing our team onboard to headline all the brand’s C Level Positions (CIO etc.). As high-ranking executives that would be tasked with shaping the future of the company through their decisions, it was vital to ensure we recruited the right talent for the positions and rejected those who were not a right cultural fit.

With our flexible and easily adaptable executive search model, we quickly created a compelling pitch and recruitment strategy for the company, leading to resounding success. We identified the most critical executive positions that needed to be filled and strategically crafted job descriptions and candidate profiles to attract top-tier talent. Our approach involved utilising the full tools in our arsenal, including our extensive network, industry connections, and targeted outreach campaigns. 

On top of that, our journey with Evri was noteworthy for the rigorous screening process we had to conduct. With EVRi's offering inviting floodgates of candidates,  we had to conduct in-depth interviews to assess their skills, experiences, and ensure they were cultural aligned with EVRi's values. 

The Business's Main Selling Point

Flying high off our successful C-Level hires, our achievements prompted EVRi to extend our partnership, covering additional vital aspects of their business. In the years that followed, we became one of their top talent suppliers, placing professionals in product, Java & Devs, and forming a UX team from the ground up. 

“Ash has been a great help in my job search and has secured me the position I was really looking for. He took into account my experience and my requirements to find a job role and company that was a great fit. Would definitely recommend Ash for anyone in Product Management looking for a new challenge in their career” – Laura, Product Manager at EVRi

A key component to our success with EVRi came from our ability to identify the business's main selling point, a skill that eluded other recruiters. To the blind eye, when attempting to sell EVRi to a jobseeker, it would be easy to sell them as just a parcel delivery company which, lets be honest, is a hard sell to those that aren’t that skilled and not kind of exciting thing most recruiters would jump to try and work with – hence most turning a blind eye initially.

Tech-Driven Transformation

However, where we've always excelled is in being able to see beyond the surface. In our research and in-depth conversations with their team, it quickly became apparent that, behind the scenes, EVRi is, at its core, a technology company propelled to its industry-leading status through developers, engineers, and other staff. By looking at EVRi beyond just the surface, we were able to uncover the true innovation and technological advancements that set it apart from the competition.

From then to now, we’ve contributed massively to their teams and helped build out a large tech hub in Leeds, witnessing and providing the talent that has enabled them to completely transform how they operate.

Gone are the old-fashioned and time-consuming paper-based processes of yesterday and in are the fast, agile tech-driven processes that EVRi is known for today. 

Through a close working relationship, we were able to become an extension of their brand and, through multiple senior hires, map out the current tech landscape of the brand for years to come. 

A Lasting Partnership - Results

Still deeply involved in recruiting staff at all levels, some of our biggest and most transformative hires have included several senior executives:

·        CIO

·        Head of Service

·        Head of Engineering 

These strategic hires not only boosted EVRi's leadership team but also played a key role in shaping and executing their goals from then up until the present. The CIO brought a wealth of experience in aligning IT strategies with business objectives, ensuring a seamless integration of technology into every facet of EVRi's operations. The Head of Service, with a proven track record in delivering exceptional customer experiences, enhanced EVRi's commitment to client satisfaction and service excellence. 

Furthermore, the Head of Engineering led the team towards cutting-edge advancements and created a culture of continuous improvement. Their combined expertise not only addressed immediate challenges but also laid the groundwork for long-term success, positioning EVRi as an industry leader.

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