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awaze - Case Study

awaze🏡, europe's largest holiday vacation rentals group. A family of iconic travel brands including, Hoseasons, Novasol and James Villa Holidays, since 2020, awaze have been on amazing technology & digital journey, the largest technology replatforming program in the travel industry.



Awaze, a rising Northwest company with 0 presence in the area at the time, partnered with us in 2020 to build a new team and launch their Manchester Tech Hub.

We rebuilt their recruitment strategy up from scratch, including talent identity, job specs, interview processes, and a high-performing team structure (all within 48 hours). Since then, we’ve remained their partner of choice and placed talent across all areas of their tech teams including:

Exec hires (i.e. Director of Engineering)

Engineering (Managers. Software Engineers & QA)

Devops & Platform engineers

Product Managers & Analysts

Product Design (Managers & Designers)

Infrastructure & Security specialists

Engineering Awaze's Success:

Building the Teams that Power Innovation

Through a catered recruitment strategy, we were able to build out an entire engineering and product team from scratch not just in Manchester, but in Copenhagen as well. Through the international technology team that we helped to build, awaze was able to create a core and robust platform that brings all their companies together under one system. This platform integration has led to improved efficiency, streamlined processes, and a more cohesive customer experience. 

Building the Future: The Power of a Diverse Workforce

With the successful recruitment of skilled professionals from diverse backgrounds, the company was able to move forward with a strong foundation to build upon and continue to innovate and grow, and we’re proud to have played a critical role in helping them achieve this success.

Beyond Recruitment: Becoming a Trusted Talent Partner

Now, over 100 hires later, we've become more than just an external partner and are now a natural extension to their brand that can quickly spec candidates into the process with full confidence of the type of personality and work ethic that can thrive at the company.

Recruiting Tomorrow's People Today

We understand that setting and reaching goals can be a challenging process, and we are here to provide you with the tools, resources, and support you need to succeed. We’ll empower you to be the best you.

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