19Oct, 2022

TLNW - Autumn Social - 2022


⚙️ TLNW - Autumn Social Sponsored by Slalom Build ⚙️


Joshua Ramsay

Marketing Executive

Guest Speakers

Anna Dick

Anna Dick

Associate Partner @ The PioneeringKind

David H.

David H.

CPTO @ Crowdcube

About this event

Anna Dick - CTO @ Pushologies

Anna is one of the leading Women in Tech with a fantastic track record. An aspiring leader, Anna is an outcome focused CTO and Tech leader offering over 20 years experience working for some amazing brands (startups, growth tech and multinationals) including: Pushologies, BBC, On The Beach, Tui and Moneysupermarket.

Dave Halsey - CTO @ Crowdcube

Dave is one of the best CTO's in the North with vast experience building, transforming and leading high-performance technology and product teams for some of the best known brands in the UK and Europe including Auto Trader, eBay, Moneysupermarket and now Crowdcube.