18Jan, 2024

Product Mentor Connect - 1st Edition


Are you new or transitioning into the product area and looking for advice? or maybe a Lead or Head of professional eager to help the next generation?


Ashley Loofe

Client Services Director

About this event

Introducing our very first ✨Product Mentor Connect ✨ a morning workshop where existing product managers or transitioning professionals moving into the space can link with skilled professionals that have literally been exactly in your shoes.

Event is perfect for: Juniors just starting out in product, Professionals considering transitioning into the space & People looking to mentor

For experienced people looking to get into the mentorship space, this could be the opportunity you’re looking for you!

Event will be held on Thursday 18th January at our MRJ offices at 10-12 (arrival at 9:30)

No frills, no pressure, no catches – just genuine advice from professionals that want to help!

But please note though, to the nature of the free event and logistics, places are VERY limited so sign up and confirmation is essential… But don’t worry if you miss a spot, we plan to be put on more of these events throughout the year depending on numbers and success rate.