Meet the Team: Andy - Junior Consultant

What role are you in?

I mean, it's one of the things that depend on what field I want to specialise in, but at least initially, the plan is to join as a Junior Consultant and work alongside Rekiel and the 360 team.


What's the journey that's led to you joining MRJ?

So, I actually graduated fairly recently in July and had always planned to go back home to Liverpool for a couple of months to get my bearings and all that.

However, unforeseen circumstances meant I had to stay there longer to support my sister which delayed me from being able to start my career properly.

It's only been at the start of this year in the last week of January that I've been able to come back to Manchester and home in on the career path I want to go down.


You mentioned recently graduating, what did you study in and how did you find it?

I studied Business with Marketing and found it really enjoyable. I probably don't represent the majority, but I found the lockdowns brought on by COVID helped me focus. Like, before covid, my grades were scraping a 2:1 but then with lockdowns happening and studying being the only thing I could do, it helped me get my head down and get a 1st.


You've mentioned lockdowns during uni helped you focus, did you find lockdowns changed the learning experience?

Oh yeah for sure, the curriculum definitely took a hit. Studying was basically left for you to do on your own accord. There was no need to come to classes. You had to keep yourself self-motivated. Which in my case worked out well, but it's not for everyone.


So, what was it that brought you to consider recruitment?

The idea that self-motivation is important in recruitment really appeals to me.

A friend who works in recruitment loves it too and recommended it to me based on my personality and said I'd be a good fit which helped sway me into thinking this would be a good direction to go down.


What do you look for within a role?

To be honest, culture is a big thing for me. My goal is to be able to contribute to a team where my voice can be heard and I can make a difference.


So, what was it that attracted you to MRJ in particular?

It's the culture without a doubt. Several firms were trying to get me in for my final stage interview, but the speed at which Grant got me in the office and meeting the rest of the team really sold me on the idea that this is where I can grow, fit in and have a laugh.


What's something people would be surprised to learn about you?

So I actually had a look up at past interviews to try to get some inspiration and everyone seems to have better answers than I have. You've got people that have black belts in karate, then you have me that's surprising fact is that I can't parallel park... even after 7 years with a license.


What's your favourite food?

Salt and pepper wings from a Chinese. No hesitation.


And what's your all time favourite movie and what's your guilty pleasure movie?

This is probably the toughest question you've asked - I'm going to go Shawshank for fav movie annddddd a bit of Harry Potter for a guilty pleasure.