Meet the Team: Danielle - Delivery Consultant

What role are you in?

I'll be working as a Delivery Consultant.


What's the background that's led up to you joining MRJ? I believe you had a prior career in recruitment?

Yeah, so for the last couple of years I've been working in recruitment but in slightly different fields. I started originally in a tech-based 360 recruitment role, then moved to a 360 manufacturing and engineering recruitment position. Then, Most recently I've been working in a 180 resourcing position in a digital recruitment role.


Would you say there is a difference between when you've been recruiting in those different fields? 

Yeah, I think the difference is probably in the type of personalities you come across, to be honest. For example, really solid coders may not necessarily be the most outgoing and chatty (speaking in very broad strokes of course) and can be quite direct and give blunt answers.

But then on the other side, people that are on the testing side of the industry that aren't solid hard coders tend to have to lead teams and collaborate and thus are more talkative and outgoing. So even though it's all in the same ballpark, there's a ton of variety in the personality types which keeps it interesting. 


What is it that attracts you to recruitment?

I think it's building those relationships with people. One of the things specifically that I liked about MRJ was that when I was chatting to the team, the process and onboarding was very relationship-focused and wasn't just about cutting corners and making up numbers and whatnot. 

Off that fact, I think what I get the most out of recruitment is forming those relationships to the point of where, when a candidate gets a new job and it's this huge life change, I'm affected by it and feel the same happiness and excitement they feel.

Whether it's that promotion they're looking for, a dream job, a salary increase or even the flexibility to pick their kids up from school, if you've built up that relationship with a candidate from the beginning and understand the value it can give them, it can be so rewarding to you as a recruiter to be able to give people that opportunity.


What do you look for within a role?

Culture is a huge part of it for me I think. While competition is fun and can be productive, I think you want to feel as if the people on your team are to some extent your friends and equally invested in helping each other grow and improve.


What's something people would be surprised to learn about you?

umm, I guess that I'm a black belt in karate? I've not trained for a while but was a second black belt and coached juniors for a bit.


What's a common issue people new to recruitment come across?

Fighting the stereotype and not understanding the stereotype. People can be put off by the idea of recruitment being about selling, figures, targets and hard sells. Which if we're being honest is a part of some recruitment companies for sure, but I think it's something I personally strive to get away from. 

I do care about the candidate and getting them the right role, and would rather be upfront and say "this isn't the right role for you" than place them somewhere where I know they will be ultimately unhappy.

But I think if you're coming into the industry, you need to be aware of that hesitation/expectation people may have of you and your profession and either, you know conform to it if that's who you are or be something different.


What is your favourite food?

oohhh this is difficult cause I like everything! I'm going to go with steak with potatoes with diane sauce.


What's your favourite movie?

The blind side for sure.