Meet the Team: Orla - Office Manager

So, I Understand You’ve Been Working in Admin/Office Management for Quite a While Now?

Kind of yeah. I've been working in admin since I was 19 and working in and out of different offices throughout Uni which has given me quite a bit of experience on how different the dynamics of an office can be and all that. In general, though, my work history has just been always around admin related tasks from events management to GDPR and stuff like that


What Was It That Attracted You to the Field?

I just think it's a really good match for my personality, to be honest. I've always really enjoyed organising and getting a little joy out of sorting things out. I also find it rewarding knowing the tasks I'm doing are helping people and are having a real impact on a team.


In Your Opinion, What Makes a Good Office Manager?

I guess being meticulous is the first thing that came to mind when you asked that question. It's not enough to just check something once and assume it's correct. You need to double, triple, quadruple everything. Always have a second plan in place because things will inevitably go wrong.

And then also, being a good communicator and having that connection to the whole team you're working with will get you far. In general, though, preparation is the thing that I think separates a good Office Manager from a bad one.


What Was It That Attracted You to MRJ and This Position?

Well, I've done office management on and off during my career, so it’s always been an aspect of work that I really connect to and enjoy. Like I enjoy being able to speak to everyone and get involved/engaged in every aspect of the business.


What’s Something People Would Be Surprised to Learn About You?

Uummm, I did Spanish and Portuguese in Uni which, when you first hear it, sounds a bit random! I really quite enjoyed it though and it allowed me to live abroad while I was studying which is never a bad thing! I lived in Lisbon for 4 months and Spain for 4 months.

I'm a bit out of practice though because of COVID but I can pick it back up fairly quickly.


Did You Enjoy Your Time There?

Oh absolutely, I think the lifestyle suits me. I can see myself someday being one of those people that retire over there.


What Was It Like Working in Your Field During the Last 12 Months?

Well in my last position I was primarily dealing with complaints, so I never really had to directly deal with it in the traditional sense. But I never entered the office or got to see the team which is the thing I'd say was the weirdest, especially when you're dealing with admin type stuff which is a people profession.


What Do You Look For in a Role?

Um, I'd say the key thing is that a role is activity. Like remaining stagnent and doing the same thing over and over with no variety has just never really appealed to me. So yeah,  variety and autonomy stick out immediately when I'm looking.


What’s a Common Issue You Think People Encounter When They’re First Coming Into the Industry?

I think it's just that you need to pay attention. Things will inevitably either be incorrect or go wrong and it's up to you to be able to handle that. As well I think punctuality is an underrated aspect of the job. Like especially in a Office Managerial sense, if you're behind it can have a knock-on effect on the rest of the teams’ schedules and delay projects being launched and so forth.

So, I'd say when you get a task the best thing to do is manage your time effectively, so it's not pushed behind a mound of other tasks


And Last Question... What Is Your Favourite Food?

Pasta. Pasta with everything. everyday. All-day.