Meet the Team: Ryan Flood - Delivery Consultant

What’s the background that’s led to you joining MRJ?

So, for about 13 years now I’d been in the sales world and recently made the move over to the recruitment industry and… so far, I can say I'm really enjoying it and think it's a future career path that I see myself continuing to exceed and grow in…Especially now I’m in a business (MRJ Recruitment) that seems to care about employees and want them to do better for themselves career-wise.

What role are you currently in?

Delivery Consultant


Why did you decide to make that change from sales to recruitment? was it dissatisfaction with sales, a desire for a new challenge or something else entirely?

Kind of a mixture of everything you listed, to be honest. After 13 years in sales, I just grew tired of the overly focussed obsession with KPIs and 150 dial expectations. 

Just in general, the repetitive world of sales was something I found myself moving away from. I wanted a field where I could help different types of people and have a day that isn't necessarily exactly the same as the last. 


How did you cope during the last 12 months?

It was kind of a mixture of good and tough I'd say. It was during the first lockdown that I decided to leave the sales position I was in and work alongside my partner to set up a personal training business - with the aim being that eventually I'd completely hand over the reins and she'd operate independently once everything was running. so, with lockdowns and everything moving online, we saw that do pretty well. 

But from the start of this year, I decided to take the big step into recruitment and, with the time period we were in, it was definitely a big change of pace and something I needed to grow accustomed to. But also, on a positive side, by the nature of the field being recruitment, there was plenty of opportunities to learn as I went along which made the whole onboarding part fairly easy.


Would you say that there were transferable skills from your past job in sales to recruitment?

Absolutely. 100%. I found that when I stepped into recruitment, I found it not necessarily easy but quick to adapt to because having that sales background and ability to talk meant that I could chat to almost anybody and build up a rapport... which is obviously key to recruitment. 

Gaining an understanding of candidates and, from there, selling a product to them is right out of the sales handbook.


What brought you into MRJ as a company? was tech something that attracted you? the culture?

Definitely the culture. When I met Jody, Grant and Billy I quickly realised everyone was happy with MRJ and the culture was a right fit for the way I work. 

It was to the point where I stopped accepting interviews at other companies because I felt like the people I'd met at MRJ were the right fit for me. 


What do you look for when you're searching for a new role?

For me, it’s the environment and the culture of the people I'm working with, to be honest. You could offer me the highest salary in the world but if put me into a business where things are micromanaged, and you have something on your back 24/7 it’s just not going to work.

I like being in an environment where everyone is helpful but also relaxed and allows you to almost show off what you can do you know? 


What's something people would be surprised to learn about you?

I'm very passionate about progression in a business so I think the personal drive to earn money can sometimes shock more relaxed people. I like demonstrating what I can do and the value I can bring to a company. 

And then you know on a more personal side I'm a family man and train in Strongman which can be a bit surprising to learn!


And final question and maybe the most important of all…what's your favourite food?

It's got to be Chinese... like come on… special fried rice? you can't go wrong really, can you?