Meet Lewis

So, as I understand, this job marks you moving to Manchester...Where are you originally from?

Yeah, that’s true, I'm from North Wales in a town called Bangor.


What's the background that's led to you deciding to join MRJ?

It very much coincided with my decision to join Manchester to be honest. I and my partner put our house on the market with the aim being to both find jobs as quickly as possible to help us support the move and take that next step in both of our careers.

Then from there I just had a search on LinkedIn and looked for a company that had scope and no glass ceiling which led me to MRJ.


Why recruitment in particular?

I think besides the obvious monetary benefits that come from working in the industry, from the outside looking in, I get the impression there's a lot of freedom to make the role your own. I'm feeling really lucky to have found an opportunity like this that will allow me to explore that under the guidance of seasoned recruiters.

I've also got kind of a bit of tech interest with computers and stuff, so tech recruitment also really stuck out as potentially interesting.

And then just on the otherside, when I was searching up potential recruitment opportunities, Jody's name kept popping up which told me that maybe MRJ would be a good  


What role are you in?

So, I believe I'm initially being placed as a delivery consultant where I'll be delivering for MRJ's pre-existing clients


Would you potentially be interested in moving to 360?

It's definitely something I'd consider and again kind of goes back to why this training scheme appealed to me.

I’m going to be able to get a feel for the industry and see where my skills land me and I think 360 would hopefully be something on the cards.


How did you cope over the past 12 months?

I think the only thing I struggled with was the fact that I'm a stickler for routine so having time off whether that be through furlough or lockdowns was really something I had to grapple with.


What's your favourite food?

You know what, it's going to sound boring. but something as simple as a pizza sets me up nicely for the week


What’s an interesting fact about you?

umm well I don’t know how interesting it is, but over lockdown, I built a PC from the ground up


What do you look for when you're looking for a new opportunity?

I think it comes down to the fact that when I'm working, I like doing a good job. Like I'll always try to put my 100% into the job I'm in. So, of that same thought process when i'm looking for an opportunity, I need a role and job that will give me the freedom to explore that.

That's kind of again why this role I think will be so good for me hopefully. I like being given the ropes, not being micromanaged and just being able to make my path in a career