Meet Ryan - Delivery Consultant

Meet Ryan - Delivery Consultant

What role are you in?

So initially, the idea is that I’ll be in a delivery consultancy role, focusing on catering to some of MRJ’s clients with the aim being to move across into a 360 role once I’m familiar with the MRJ way of working


What is the background that’s led up to you joining MRJ?

So, while the idea is that I’ll eventually move into a 360 role with MRJ, my background has mainly been so far in delivery. Back in 2018 -2019 before my most recent job, I was working for a multitude of different clients in recruitment ranging from care homes through to engineering, IT, finance and so on which gave me a quite well-rounded look at the industry.

But from there, the place I just left was mainly in contract work in the tech field and focused on anything from project managers straight through to java devs and other technology-focused roles.

So I'd say that while my background has always been kind of focused on recruitment, it was my last role that really landed me in the tech and digital space and allowed me to take the next step and join MRJ.


Why did you decide to focus more on tech rather than the other industries you’ve worked in?

To be honest I think it’s because the tech market is always moving. There's not that sense of stagnation or feeling of things possibly slowing down that you get from other industries. Like there’s just always a sense of advancements happening in tech from physical through to digital which creates a great gateway for other companies to flow through and succeed in.

So yeah, it’s just an exciting market with a lot happening within it which is appealing to me.


What do you love about your role and recruitment?

I think it comes down to the fact that I'm a people person and love talking to individual with different backgrounds. I've got a business management background from university which was similarly all about gauging and understanding people which I enjoyed.

And then you know, on a more basic level, changing people’s lives and impacting people through helping them achieve the role they're after has always given me a bit of a thrill. You’re in a way getting the satisfaction of gaining a new job regularly through someone else while you're in the same role.

And also, there's the fact that as you progress through recruitment you get a chance to build up connections which is never a bad thing


What’s your favourite food?

I am probably the worst person to ask this question to as I'm incredibly indecisive! on one day I would say Italian food would be my favourite with some kind of chicken or pasta based but then on another day it could be a steak... but let’s just go with Italian food.


What’s something people would be surprised to learn about you?

Ooohhhh you know there's nothing outwardly noticeable that I could say here like I don't have a particularly special talent or a famous relative that I can name or anything like that which is a bit boring but also the truth!

I guess in terms of interest I'm an avid tennis and football fan if that counts?


What do you look for within a role?

Um, for me it's not all about the name or anything like that... like I've been in companies with massive names and reputations, and you quickly realize it’s not all it's cracked up to be. 

So, when it came time for me to target my next company, I tried to find somewhere with a more cultural family feel where there are ample opportunities to learn through other like-minded individuals.

I feel like in recruitment to get to the top you kind of have to learn through other people which is why the cultural fit of a company is so important. You need a company where the people within it and the direction the business is going in aligns with what you’re looking for which is what attracted me to MRJ


What is a common issue that people new to the industry come across?

I think a common issue people new to the field come across that potentially deters them from exploring it further is the fear of rejections you get daily. you've got to have a thick skin and accept that there are going to be days where you're going to make 30-40 phone calls and only get through to 2-3 people and not get anywhere... but the key is to be persistent and wait for everything to pan out.

And you know on a basic level it's just about having fun with it. Recruitment is what you make of it and accepting that mistakes will be made enables you to dust yourself off and go again.