Meet the Team: Nadia - Senior Delivery Consultant

What role are you in?

So, I think my formal title will be Senior Delivery Consultant, focused mainly on tech recruitment.

What’s the background that’s led up to you joining MRJ?

To be honest it all kind of stems from my interest in tech recruitment and women in tech specifically. I’ve just always found the industry as a whole really interesting – So joining a company like MRJ Recruitment that are so deeply invested in that field and market seemed like a natural fit.

And then also I think from my prior employment, I have a few skills and insights that could be beneficial to MRJ regarding the market etc. 

What do you love about your role and recruitment?

First and foremost, I think it’s my love for working with candidates. Like the whole career progression and managing teams thing comes secondary to the satisfaction I get from speaking to engineers and clever candidates etc. and being able to match them to the right client.

What’s your favorite food?

Ooohhhh…I’d say anything South East Asian…Like I love Japanese food and sushi and things like that to be honest!

What’s something people would be surprised to learn about you?

I suppose the fact I went to school in Grand Canary and can speak fluent Spanish probably catches people off guard. Like my dad got a job out there so we just moved out there when I was younger – I stayed there for quite a while as well and was doing bar work up until I moved back to the UK and started moving into sales and call center stuff before finally settling into recruitment.

Did living abroad affect how you approach recruitment?

I wouldn’t say outwardly no, but I think generally speaking, learning a different language and coming into contact with such a wide range of people helps long term when you’re trying to find your voice within recruitment… so in those terms it’s definitely been beneficial but not directly related if you get what I mean.

What do you look for within a role?

Company culture is really important to me and being in a collaborative work environment with none of the ego or hierarchy that you traditionally sometimes come across in the business sector – Like I enjoy a fun and chilled workspace where ideas and perspectives can be shared across the business freely.  

And then I guess a solid understanding of what the company and my own goals are is important and a thing I try and stay aware of when I’m thinking about a job.

What was an issue that you first came across when you started out in recruitment?

I don’t think enough importance was really stressed when I first started out towards how much you need to refine your craft as a recruiter. I think there was this recurring thing of simplifying responsibilities as “It’s just recruitment” which I think has some truth to it…But I think in order for you to be truly good at your job and stand out from the pack you need to really apply yourself to the craft and kind of study the process a bit.

Whether that’s studying your chosen market or being clear regarding the techniques you use to communicate with companies or candidates, I think it’s something I was initially a bit naïve on when I first started that I picked up on as I went along.

What’s a common issue people new to the industry may come across?

I think confidence is probably a big thing for people – It’s not really something I’ve struggled with personally, but I do think it can be quite daunting for others when they’re first starting out to have meetings and have to sell things to people for the first time.