Meet the Team: Burhan - Senior Delivery Consultant

What role are you in and what does it entail?

So, I’m joining MRJ Recruitment as a Senior Delivery Consultant and supporting the growth of the existing client base with a long-term goal of owning several clients on behalf of MRJ. 

But for now, as I settle into the role, I’ll be delivering on behalf of the clients we have here within the tech and digital space

What’s the background that’s led up to you joining MRJ?

So, I’ve worked within IT recruitment for well over 10 years now with 7 of those being in a delivery function so I’ve got quite a lot of experience in placing candidates for clients across the UK. 

And it came to a point recently where I was just open and looking for an opportunity to join a company that was a true specialist within the type of industries I'm interested in which aligns quite well with MRJ’s overall client base and ambitions for the future.

What do you love about your role and recruitment?

I mean it seems simple, but I genuinely just still get that buzz from placing candidates and knowing that I’ve helped someone to achieve their ideal role.

Also, I really enjoy building relationships and being able to serve as the connector between an organisation and a candidate which is a really rewarding feeling.

When I think more specifically about why I enjoy IT recruitment though, I think the constant change that happens within the tech industry makes it really rewarding as well. There’s always a new product out or a new skill to learn which helps keep my role interesting and ever evolving.

What’s your favourite food?

Got to be… a steak, medium cooked with a side of chips and peppercorn sauce. For sure. 

What’s something people would be surprised to learn about you?

I’m actually a huge fan of the UFC and have been watching the sport since 2011/2012 and really think it’s more than just two people punching each other in the face.

There’s a really technical side to the sport that kind of gets glossed over a lot of the time which if you’re aware of adds a new layer to the sport.

What do you look for within a role?

So, I’d actually say it's generally more about the company itself than the role really. When I’m looking for a new opportunity, I’m really searching for a leader that can empower me to achieve my goals because I believe with empowerment comes opportunities which are integral if you want to develop your career further.

I also really endeavour to look for autonomy within a role, with an organization having the capability to trust me to deliver on behalf of them and get the results they’re looking for being a massive thing I try to consider whenever I’m on the lookout for a new opportunity.   

When you’re placing candidates what’s a key quality you’re looking for?

I mean immediately the answer that comes to mind is that they’re the right fit for the job. At just a basic level it’s making sure the skillset matches the requirements of the role on offer 

From there though, once you’ve got to know a candidate it’s then ensuring that the personality matches with the company culture of the role they’re interested in.

What’s a common issue people in recruitment tend to come across?

I think particularly at the start of your career, a lot of people encounter dropouts or things not going their way which can tend to deter people from further pursuing this as a career path. 

You know like, people ghosting them, or candidates not getting back to them…when you’re finding your feet initially it can be quite disheartening… but it’s a matter of having that self-belief that things will fall into place through hard work, dedication and keeping their focus. 

What’s the one piece of advice you’d give to a candidate going into an interview?

Just to be honest and open in terms of your skillet. If you don’t know something there’s no shame in being transparent about that and showing your willingness to learn.