Reflecting on Women’s Entrepreneurship Day: Why Female Representation Matters

Thursday 19th November was marked across the world as Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, an annual event which aims to empower, support, and highlight the importance and influence that women play within the business environment of today.

It’s a time for celebration and commemoration, where the business sector comes together in unity to encourage and inspire the next generation of female-led entrepreneurs on the vast scope of opportunity that is out there in the marketplace.

To help reflect on the occasion, for this week’s blog we’ve called upon Jody, our Founder/CEO and Emily, our Talent Acquisition Partner to help illustrate why it is that female representation is so important in the workplace today.

Jody had this to say - "This company would be nothing without the contribution of our incredible female staff. Having a diverse workplace is so important to me as it allows for a wide range of views and ideas. Different people bring different things to the table and at MRJ, we celebrate that."

Emily in many ways echoed the celebratory sentiments of Jody by stating – “As we know, women haven't always been able to have the opportunities that they now have in the workplace. We still have a massively long way to go in getting complete equality for women… but Women's Entrepreneurship Day was a huge step in the right direction.

We’re seeing so many amazing women achieving incredible things in the world of business right now and I work with and get to speak to many on a daily basis with my job – it’s amazing to see and hear about”

On behalf of MRJ, we’d like to thank all the amazing and hard-working women who’ve made such a positive impact on the business world. Here’s to even more fantastic progress being made in 2021!