Joining a company amidst Lockdown

Starting a new role at an organisation can be a daunting task at the best of times, much less without the ever-present spectre of COVID 19 looming over our heads.

But, not much is ever spoken about regarding the specifics of working under lockdown. What does your workload look like when you can’t be hands-on with those you’re working with?  How can you be integrated into a team that is separated by lockdown regulations?

As a newly appointed Marketing Executive, these were the all too real questions that sprang to mind on the runup to my first day.

But, with my first day now firmly out of the way, I feel I can confidently say that I think I’ve spotted the key aspects that make a transition into a new workplace regardless of COVID 19 bearable: effort and adaptability.

We’re in a period of the new normal (the cursed phrase of the year) and with that comes a joint understanding among both employees and employers that effort needs to be put in on both sides to ensure a smooth transition is had.

It’s no longer simply enough for an organisation to have a new starter show up and have everyone at their desk warmly welcoming them with open arms. Instead, active participation needs to occur to ensure steady introductions to the team are had through whichever platform suits an organisation best (here’s looking at you zoom)

Equally, it’s no longer simply enough for employees to just expect a company will have everything planned out in terms of workload. Concessions must be made, and you need to be able to adapt to the ever-changing climate of the workplace in whatever way you can – whether that’s compartmentalizing your workload or adjusting your workstyle to suit the circumstances.

Either way, starting a new job is undeniably nerve-wracking – but, together in tandem with a helpful and welcoming team and a positive attitude – your transition into a new workplace can not only be successful but also enjoyable!