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BarCamp Manchester #BCMCR6

Posted: 29 Sep 2015

This weekend we sponsored BarCamp Manchester, one of Manchester's unconference. Anyone is allowed to attend BarCamp as much or as little as they like. The unconference was held over 2 days over the weekend fuelled by plenty of coffee, sweeties and rubix cubes!

It was our first BarCamp experience, so we didn't really know what to expect. We came supplied with plenty of Haribos, sticky notes, smiles and the traditional MRJ banner. 


This year, BarCamp Manchester was hosted at the AutoTrader Manchester offices, which were extremely impressive and accomodating for the weekend! The start of the weekend began with opening talks from organiser Claire Dodd, whom we must credit for her amaaaaazing organisation skills, infectious and positive attitude and her patience! The weekend consisted of talks, which were pathed out on the 'Grid Board.' Attendees would voluntarily speak for a 30 minute slots about anything and everything - That's the beauty of BarCamp Manchester. At first, we thought that our limited Java Script and HTML + CSS abilities would hold us back, but given the nature and freedom of BarCamp Manchester, we were more than comfortable. 

Over the weekend, there was a number of sessions which weren't really like talks, but more like group conversations. The speaker will generally start off with an introduction to themselves and their chosen topic, and then it would open up with a group discussions. It was refreshing to see the mutual level of respect attendees had for one another. We attended talks about Diversity (by Vimla Appadoo, Coding for Children by Lara Weston whom we must add is 9 years old, looking to become a Digital Leader!! We also heard from Ian Forrester on 'How to be Interesting' - This inspired our Brand Ambassador, Katrina, to start her own blog, although we already find her far too interesting! 

To conclude the weekend, there was Presentation Kareoke followed by an exciting raffle - we are extremely jealous of those who won prizes! In other news, jam-packed in our BarCamp swag bags, we played around with the Google Cardboard! Overall, we had a fantastic weekend as both attendees and sponsors for BarCamp Manchester this year and we are certainly excited for next year! 

A huge thank you to all the attendees, fellow sponsors and organisers for having us along at BarCamp Manchester. We met so many interesting people, heard some great talks and all in all had a lot of fun!

See you all next year BarCampers for BarCamp7!

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