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Transform your conversion rate with personalised recommendations

Posted: 22 Sep 2016

 Lets Get Personal

Last year I attended a ‘Conversion Rules’ day at UK Fast. One of the speakers, Isaac Moshe of Nosto, spoke about how personalisation is key to improving your conversion. Nosto work with over 3,500 retailers in over 100 countries so they have a good idea of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to optimising your conversion rate and improving meaningful metrics.


This Graph shows that the average conversion in the UK is 2.8% yet Amazon have a Conversion rate of 18%. Obviously Amazon have the advantage of appealing prices and huge brand awareness but it shows what an opportunity there is for other online retailers to increase their conversion.




Amazon are brilliant at utilising their data intelligently to increase the relevance to the user, increased relevance = increased conversion. A lot of start ups have access to the same behavioural data that Amazon utilises but how many are actually collecting it? How many companies are using it intelligently. Buying cycle are taking longer and less that 15% of online shoppers buy first time so it is essential your website caters for new and existing customers.

Isaac suggested that applying the following can really help your conversion:


  • ‘Most popular in store now’ on the homepage - sales over a certain period of time
  • Manageable categories - don’t make the consumer trawl through 20 pages of a certain product
  • Make your site different for returning visitors - use the data
  • ‘Recommended for you’ – Increase the temptation
  • ‘Products you previously considered’
  • ‘Customers who viewed this also viewed this’ – Cross selling
  • Up selling at the check out – If a drill is in the basket then offer them drill bits.
  • Ability to Search – Customers who search are 3 to 4 times more likely to purchase
  • Make the Checkout form as efficient and as easy to use as possible.


I have simplified this for this brief write up and you can see Isaac's brilliant presentation in full here.

E-commerce is the only trillion dollar industry to be growing in double digits. It is incredibly fast paced, that means there is lots of opportunity but with opportunity comes competition. So how do can make your website stand out? You need to utilise the data available to inform how you can personalise your website to help make it more relevant for potential consumers. If you increase the relevance to the consumer you will in turn increase your conversion.


What can you do to make your site more relevant?





Pinch and a Punch - 2016 so far

Posted: 01 Sep 2016

We don’t know about you, but this year seems to have completely flown by at lightspeed. It only seems like yesterday that we were bringing in the new year and since then a lot has happened. It’s been the year of celebrity deaths, NASA’s Juno spacecraft finally entered Jupiter’s orbit after a five year journey, we realised the true power of Viral Social Media after the Ice Bucket Challenge enabled us to find genes linked to ALS, the first round-the-world flight by a solar plane was completed without a drop of fuel, the arrival of VR & AR has impacted the globe with Pokemon Go launching in July and 100 million downloads to date, Britain left the EU, Great Britain set an Olympic record by winning 67 medals at the Rio 2016 Games and they’re just the events off the top of my head!



So what is to come for the rest of the year and in particular for Manchester?


MediaCity have their plans approved for phase two of their £1bn expansion which could see the site double in size over the next 10 years adding to the 283,515 jobs the digital tech economy already has. Up to 10 new buildings are planned for the site which will be built by 2026 including 1,800 flats and offices so you can only imagine what that will do for the industry – more jobs, more people, larger economy growth.


Manchester Digital will tackle the gender imbalance in tech working to create a diverse industry by running sessions to discuss mentoring, equal pay and empowering women in tech. “Manchester Digital is bringing the diversity imbalance challenge to the forefront of the sector.”


Medley Academy, “the youth accelerator changing the way young people prepare for work” is going to be a vital part of Manchester’s thriving Digital and Tech scene tackling the Digital Skills Crisis with hands on training and extensive bootcamps utilizing Ash, Alex and Ewans experience at Social Chain creating disruptive campaigns for some of the worlds largest brands such as PUMA, Spotify, Universal, ASOS, Hungry House and more! They will be partnering with socially aware businesses to educate and empower young people providing programmes, mentorship and career opportunities!


2016, what a year!





Keiran’s First week at MRJ

Posted: 26 Aug 2016

This week has seen the arrival of our latest member in team MRJ. Having graduated last year and spending 12 months working in a well known retail store, (rhymes with collister), Keiran has joined the exciting and challenging world of Digital & Technology recruitment….

His undeniable resemblance to Philip Olivier hasn’t gone unnoticed in the MRJ HQ and thus the pet name of Tinhead began. We took a minute to ask Tinhead about his time at MRJ so far, and what made him want to transition to a career in recruitment..


"I graduated uni last year and started working in retail but knew it wasn’t for me as I want to work in a role that challenges me, and offers me career progression. I had always thought about working in recruitment and MRJ appealed to me after I came for my first interview and saw how the rest of the team work. The fact that it is only a small team makes it even more appealing, as I am able to get hands on training with my MD, Jody and learn from the best!

It’s been a bit of a challenge after my first interview and landing the job, I broke my tibia and tibia in a rugby match and had to delay my start date for a week, but I managed to hobble to the office and complete my first week(I swear it’s not so I don’t have to make the brews). It's been a healthy work balance of eating tons of cake and chocolate chip cookies and extensive intense recruitment training, but I absolutely love working here! The team oriented atmosphere at MRJ is what I love most and the friendly atmosphere, just not sure on the Man City March around the office.."


As always, we asked Keiran our famous MRJ new starter initiation questions..


Favourite Quote: "You win some, you lose some but you live to fight another day"

Favourite Superhero: Kingsman

Celebrity Crush: Sofia Vergara

Guilty Pleasure: Sinead O'Conors number one fan

Favourite Music: Anything from Nirvana to Tupac!

Best MRJ Achievement: Hobbling to the office on my first day with a broken leg


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