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Fathers Day Competition!!!

Posted: 16 Jun 2015

We have 2 tickets for Lancashire's T20 clash with Yorkshire at Old Trafford County Cricket Ground on the 3rd July to give away for fathers day.

Here is how you get into the mix for a chance to get your hands on them.

We will randomly pick out the winner from all entrants live on periscope at lunch time on Friday 20th!

Good luck


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Why I wanted to be a Forever Manchester Ambassador

Posted: 10 Jun 2015

By Will Jarvis

You may have seen on the twittersphere or on LinkedIn that I have recently joined the brilliant team of Ambassadors at Forever Manchester. I am very pleased.

I had known about Forever Manchester for a little while but only began to understand what they were all about at their 25th Celebration earlier this year. It was a genuinely heart-warming and inspiring evening and I knew from that moment that I wanted to get involved.

Why should I care about Manchester?

I am Warrington born and bred and still live there now. I adore Rugby League so it keeps me happy. I started working in Manchester just over 2 years ago but it was only when I joined MRJ 18 months ago that my love affair with Manchester began. I have met so many people within Manchester’s business community that have helped me, made me laugh and given me advice and I am now proud to call a lot of them friends. Plus from a business perspective it is a very exciting place to work at the minute. Manchester has given me a lot so I am excited to be given the chance to be able to give something back.

What can I do?

Forever Manchester funds such a wide array of projects and puts on a whole host of events so there is always lots of opportunities to get involved so you will no doubt be seeing me at a fair few events helping out where I can. I am also keen to go out and see some of the projects that Forever Manchester help fund to see exactly how the money (that you generous lot donate) is helping the people and projects that need it.

I have always loved Manchester’s history; I have now fallen in love with its present and look forward to being a part of its future.

This is the place

Check out www.forevermanchester.com for all our latest events and general goings on.

Will Jarvis

Poll: What roles are you struggling to fill at the minute?

Posted: 03 Jun 2015

We know there is a bit of a digital skills gap currently, not only here in Manchester & the UK as a whole but also globally. As demand contunies to rise who are you struggling to find?


If you would like any help in filling any roles you are struggling with then get in touch will@mrjrecruitment.com

The importance of ‘Stop Talking Start Doing: Technical Women in Manchester’

Posted: 02 Jun 2015

Having met Dinal briefly at Silicon Drinkabout at Lock 91 in early April then noticing that she spoke at a @shesaysMCR event shortly afterwards I approached her to ask if she would contribute to a blog I was writing at the time ‘The Lack of Women in Tech – Time for Action’.

She kindly agreed to meet up for a chat and her passion for the subject was apparent straight away. She was aware that not enough was being done to encourage women into tech and she knew something needed to be done about it. She told me about an event she was putting on at the end of April ‘Stop Talking Start Doing: Technical Women in Manchester’ to be held at The Shed at MMU. Dinal shared my frustration with events that spoke about issues but proceeded to offer no solution. Dinal’s event was to be different.

I turned up wondering whether Dinal would get the level of enthusiasm and engagement she wanted from the attendees. The plan was to separate the attendees into four groups to discuss key areas where we could encourage more women into tech. The groups were then tasked with coming up with achievable actionable items to take away. That is where this event is different. It calls on people to take responsibility for an actionable item and get to work doing it, whether that is creating poster/youtube campaigns to promote computing or investigating the availability of funding for teaching parents about the importance of technology.

I can’t speak for the other tables but our table’s discussion was very productive, very passionate and very inclusive. The contributions from both women and men (who are very welcome) were constructive. The discussions were only briefly paused so we could listen to four brilliant women talk about how they are forging successful careers in tech.

The vibe in the room was energetic and positive. I am very interested to know if any of the people responsible for the actionable items have made any progress and I am keen to know what further actions we can come up with on Thursday. If you have a passion for technology and would like to be a part of the discussion to try and do something about the lack of women in tech then I really do recommend coming to this event. For tickets click here.


This is just the beginning.

Will Jarvis


IPEXPO Manchester 2015

Posted: 22 May 2015

I must admit I didn’t really know what to expect when I traipsed over to Manchester Central for the first IPEXPO Manchester. IPEXPO claims to be Europe’s Leading IT infrastructure and Cloud event and I can’t say I have attended a plethora of IT infrastructure and Cloud events so I can’t make a comparison. What I can say is that from the moment I got there, got my badge printed and was scanned in it was obvious that it was going to be a really well put together event.


Manchester Central was littered with Exhibits from companies and organisations from around the world looking to push their brands and products. There was a bit of selling going on but not so much that it became an annoyance and who can complain when in the process you get yourself some free sweets, drinks and even popcorn.


So did it deliver on content?


There were 5 or 6 different areas with a full schedule of talks throughout the day and I am sure different people went there with different intentions, so I can only speak about what I managed to see. For each day I had circled the talks that I thought would be most relevant to us and our clients. It all started with a passionate speech from Sir Richard Leese about Manchester’s plans to fulfil its potential. For the next 2 days I spent my time bobbing in and out of different talks and panels.


Highlights for me were Neil McArthur MBE’s talk about Technology Enterprise and how Manchester has all the ingredients to become a thriving digital city. I also really enjoyed Andy Barrow from ANS Group talk about how digitisation is changing the world.


“The only constant is change”, “There is no end game in IT anymore” - Andy Barrow


On Day 2 my highlights were a couple of panels in the middle of the day, firstly one about ‘Smart Cities and what they could look like’ and secondly one about ‘Scaling up the mid-market gap’ which discussed the support start ups need to thrive and what Manchester can do better.


“Manchester need to develop a win-win mentality, we need to help each other out” Scott Fetcher - ANS Group


I spoke to a couple of the exhibitors on whether they found it to be worthwhile and they seemed to think it was as they met a lot of people they hadn’t previously. IPEXPO also managed to bring a lot of people from outside Manchester into Manchester which is great as there is not many tech events doing that at the minute.  I think the first IPEXPO Manchester was a success, it highlighted a lot of global issues and trends in technology but also how we can use that knowledge to benefit Manchester now and in the future. I am already looking forward to IPEXPO Manchester 2016.

"If Computer science was compared to physics we'd be in a time before Newton. There's so much we don't know" - James Kretchmar - Akamai

Will Jarvis

Cycle For Orly - A Heartfelt Thank You

Posted: 05 May 2015

As the dust settles on our second Cycle For Orly challenge we just wanted to say a huge, huge thank you to everyone who helped us complete the challenge and in the process raise even more money than we did last year. The current total including gift aid and offline donations has passed £3,500, which is amazing, we are so grateful. That kind of money can make a great difference in putting smiles onto children’s faces.

A challenge like this really doesn’t work without collaboration. We are grateful to anyone who made some noise on social media about it, it really does help. We are grateful to everyone who donated to this wonderful cause, we appreciate every pound. We are also so so grateful to everybody who took time out of their day to cycle for 30 minutes so we could save our legs for the nightshifts.

Mission Complete

We must also make a couple of special mentions.

Firstly to Tunafish Media, as our media partner for the event they made a series of videos for us to help spread the word. This one in particular was hilarious. The time and effort they put into it was more than they needed to and more than we expected and we thank them big time for it. Another huge thank you must go to BeautyBay.com for donating loads of brilliant gift boxes to give out to the riders, a lovely and generous gesture. We would also like to thank Neighbourhood & Barber Barber for donating prizes for best male and best female riders.

It was humbling to have all your support and we are so pleased it was so successful. To raise £7,000 in 2 years is amazing, and we couldn't do without you.

It makes the sleepless nights and sore bums all worthwhile. 

Thank you so so so so much

The MRJ Team

If you haven’t donated yet and you would like to, it is not too late. You can donate here.


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