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What Metrics Really Matter?

Posted: 30 Mar 2015

What Metrics Really Matter?

On 4th February we attended a ‘Conversion rules’ talk at UK Fast. Jon Woodhall, MD of the Warrington based E-Commerce agency Space48 spoke about what metrics really matter when trying to convert traffic into sales.

He championed CPA over any others as he believes that all the other metrics, in one way or another lead back to CPA. Other metrics such as margin, revenue, page load speed etc are all important but when it comes down to it companies want to know how much return on investment they are getting and how they can improve that figure. One example he gave on how companies can do this was to stop obsessing and over investing on being number 1 or 2 on search engines as you can get a much better return on investment in positions 3 and 4.

Jon also stressed the importance of having the most effective landing pages to reduce bounce rate. This will also help you make the most of the traffic you are getting. After all, you spend so much time and money to get traffic to your site so it is imperitve you make the most of it. Margin is an important metric to inform your strategy. One of the final points Jon made was that when it comes down to User Experience don’t get hung up on moving a few pixels here or there or changing the shade of a button if you have more significant underlying issues, such as your checkout or product pages .

To check out the whole video click here

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by Will Jarvis

#cyclefororly - We Need Your Help!

Posted: 19 Mar 2015

Cycle For Orly – How you can help make it special


This little write up isn’t about what we are doing, or even why we are doing it. You can read about that here. This is about how you can help us. Last year we raised nearly £3,500 and we are aiming to beat that this year. There are 3 ways you can help us achieve it:


1)      Ride – We are breaking down the cycle into 30 minute slots. We predict, using the average speed of last year’s cycle, that it will take us approximately 44 hours, which is 88 30 minute slots.  We will obviously be doing all the overnight ones (remember the bike won’t stop) so we need people to help us in the more sociable hours. We would love people to come in the office and do a 30 minute stint at a time convenient for you.



2)      Donate – Obvious but so important. We were thrilled with how much was raised last year and how generous our family, friends and Manchester’s business community were. It is such a great cause and every pound makes a difference! 

You can donate here


3)      Make noise/engage – We will be keeping our followers updated on our progress on twitter using the hashtag #cyclefororly. The more noise we all make about our challenge the more awareness it brings, which will hopefully help us raise even more money, so retweet, share, reply and mention!


If we can surpass last year’s amount then it will be a huge success and a significant amount of money to help the young people of Greater Manchester.

This year we will be having a prize for the longest distance covered in 30 minutes.

To volunteer for a 30 mins slot contact me.

will@mrjrecruitment.com  @willjarvismrj

0161 244 9599

Email Marketing - What's Hot & What's Not in 2015

Posted: 13 Mar 2015

Email Marketing – What is Hot & What is Not in 2015

Inspired by the thoughts and words of Kestrel Lemen


Kestrel Lemen is a Marketing Strategist at Bronto Software, she spoke about what is hot and what’s not in email marketing in 2015 at UK Fasts ‘Conversion rules’ conference. She spoke about what type of campaigns she likes as well as some campaigns she dislikes. 


First and foremost she stated that you should not do a big sell if your product can’t back it up. It sounds simple but even some of the biggest companies are still guilty of hyping a product or service that they cannot deliver on. Secondly, whatever you are selling DON’T bombard people with offers. Kestrel highlighted a couple of companies who will have large discounts and send them out via email on a daily basis. This approach can really devalue your brand. Why would anyone pay full price? Even if it does not turn off to your customers then it will hit your margins.


Kestrel also stressed the importance of using your customer’s data correctly. Misusing IP Addresses, Credit Card details, GPS Tracking & Geo Tracking will really damage your reputation and any trust you have built up with your customers. On the flipside, if you look after this information and use it effectively it can be a powerful mutually beneficial interaction that can really help increase your conversion.


Personalisation is key


With your acquired data you can send different email campaigns to people of a certain age, location and even average order value. If you send an email with higher end products to someone who rarely visits your site and when they do they only spend a modest amount then it is unlikely to work but if you send that same email to a regular customer with a higher average order spend then you are likely to encourage them to do so again.


Quality is far more important than quantity when it comes to content. Kestrel had the following formula for success.


Easy to Understand + Informative + Benefit to the consumer = Valuable

So next time you are setting up an email campaign make sure it is easy to understand, informative and is a genuine benefit to the consumer then you will be sending content that is valuable. Valuable is good!

Click here for Kestrels presentation in full

Written by Grant Spencer 


Introducing Billy

Posted: 06 Mar 2015

This week has seen the arrival of the latest member of team MRJ. Having spent 6 months specialising in education recruitment Billy has joined the exciting world of the Digital & e-Commerce market.

Before we induct him into the 'People' section on our website we thought we would give you a sneak preview of the valuable insight we have from Billy so far.

Superhero: Ironman

Celebrity Crush : Mila Kunis ( ALL day)

Guilty Pleasure: Movie nights

Music: R & B / Live Lounge

Quote: "The past can hurt but the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it" - The Lion King

Billy on his first week at MRJ "I have had a great first week with MRJ, I already feel like a part of the team. Even though I've had to tone down my outfits (anybody would think there sponsored by Topman).

We all have a tongue in cheek celebrity look a like on our 'People' section. What do you think about Billy's?

Here was Billy's Induction - Good sport!



We are always interested in speaking to talented people who are interested in joining the team, if you are interested then contact jody@mrjrecruitment.com

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"Do you have Pret-a-Manger in Manchester?"

Posted: 02 Mar 2015

"Do you have Pret-a-Manger in Manchester?" 

"Of course we do, we have about 5 in the space of 500 yards in Mcr City Centre. Are you joking?" 

"No, I just didn't think Manchester had Pret, and as London has one on every corner, I thought i'd introduce you to their famous ham and cheese croissant" 

This conversation was between my younger brother and me about 12 months ago whilst walking around London thinking of something for lunch. As you can imagine I was slightly shocked, but not surprised.  

You see he moved to London 4 years ago for a job and whilst he seems to have a good role and salary, he has, like so many before him and I'm sure so many after him, been blinkered by the bright lights of London, not realising that actually outside the other country (London) there is a whole world of opportunity.

What he and many others in the country don't realise is that Manchester and the North West as a whole is on the verge of something amazing. 

When I think about Manchester, 6 words spring to mind: Digital, Creativity, Community, Co-working, Sharing and Fun.

“Manchester has been innovating and disrupting technology for over 200 years”

The original business location. The first industrial city and the birthplace of the computer. Manchester has long been considered a giant of both creative media and digital technology with a proven track record for innovation. But for me it’s over the last few years that Manchester has started to become THE place for business with so much growth and I personally believe there is no reason to look any further than Manchester for your next career move.

Yes I am biased being a Manchester boy through and through, but you only need to look at the amount of energy around the city to know there is no better place to kickstart, grow and/or consolidate your career. It’s not just my thoughts, you only need to look at some of the companies who have their homes in the city: BBC, Auto Trader, Boohoo, Google, COOP, Laterooms to name a few.

Manchester is also home to an exciting new world of technology and start up homes like Spaceportx, The Sharp Project, The Escalator and the soon to be opened Government backed TechNorth who all pushing hard to make Manchester one of the top 5 destinations in Europe for technology companies #MCRTop5.

Did you also know that in the last 12 months three of the biggest stock market entrants have come from the North West - AO.com, Boohoo.com and Pets-at-Home? And in the next few months Auto Trader will go straight into the FTSE250 with a £2bn valuation.

And you want to know what's so great Manchester? It has something for everybody within about a 3 mile radius:

From the upmarket Spinningfields, home to celebrity favourites Neighbourhood, Manchester House & Australasia; to the very cool and hip Northern Quarter home to the worlds first Bigger Mac at Solita and the quirky 2022NQ; to a night of bowling and burgers at All Star lanes; to a trip back to Italy at San Carlo; to a walk around the four city centre museums; to a visit to one of the Manchester football teams; to the best Xmas markets in Europe. I could go on but in summary Manchester is not all Oasis and Hacienda anymore, we've moved on and quickly become one of the best places to work, live and have fun.

And with so many more famous restaurants and bars from London and further afield opening up including Iberica, Hawksmoor and dare I mention it Hooters, there is no better time to be in the City. 

Manchester is ambitious, visionary and passionate about the future. Manchester is a very special and unique business location. It’s all about the mix. Every night there is a different event taking place and the culture is definitely one of working together to inspire others. I have never been so proud of where I am from and to be part of this community is inspiring and I learn something new every day.

The community is buzzing. Everybody I speak to knows it is on the verge of something brilliant. If you're not already part of it you should be. The opportunities are endless, the salaries are growing by the day and the nightlife is brilliant with every type of night now catered for. Oh and I forgot to mention, it's a lot more affordable.

So before moving away to the big smoke, think long, hard and seriously, why look any further when Manchester has it all for you today?

Written by Jody Marks, MD, The MRJ Group - If you're looking for some free advice or your next career move, get in touch today for a brief chat. 


The Problem With Recruiters

Posted: 26 Feb 2015

Bloody recruiters hey? About as highly regarded as traffic wardens, door to door salesmen & politicians - and for good reason, there are so many bad ones out there. This is not me speaking from a higher moral ground as I was not perfect myself. It is from observations I have made and conversations I have had at networking events.

Why the bad rep?

I think it stems from the fact I don't think many recruiters ever set out to be recruiters, they usually fall into it, myself included. I certainly don't speak about all recruiters but a lot of them see it as a means to an end, and the job, to do it well, requires so much more. 

There are many corners that can be cut in recruitment, lazy candidate qualification, shoddy attempt at understanding the candidates desires and a disinterest in knowing your clients culture and needs are just a few easy ways you can cut corners. I, myself have been guilty of this in the past but I soon realised that it was not the way to do the job, especially if you are to develop long term relationships. Unfortunately too many recruiters are repeatedly drawn in by the temptation of the cut corner for the quick win and they tarnish the reputation of a whole industry. 

I appreciate that there are other evils within the recruiter’s armoury such as cold calling and head hunting and both can be a right pain in the arse for businesses. We know this as we are also victims of this necessary evil ourselves, often taking calls asking when our gas and electricity are up for renewal or from people wondering if we want a water cooler - the answer is still no, thank you, bye. Also, about once a week I will receive a LinkedIn message, email or phone call from another recruitment company asking whether I am open to new opportunities. It's the nature of the beast. Sometimes it's done in a professional manner, sometimes it isn't.

The big sell - aaaarrrgh

Networking events, for me, are to have a good time and meet new people whether they are directly relevant in a professional capacity or not. Of course you want to enhance your own business prospects and if it happens, then great, if not then it's an opportunity to have a good time and turn some twitter interactions into face to face conversations. I have been to networking events where other recruiters have been told off for hard selling. No one wants to be aggressively sold to, it really isn’t the way. I would much rather have a beer and discuss the latest episodes of Game of Thrones or House of Cards with someone I had previously only had a twitter conversation with. If my work doesn't come up organically then it doesn't come up at all. 

Recruitment is a multibillion dollar industry and that is for a very good reason. We serve a very important purpose. Good recruiters will spend time that decision makers can Ill afford to find people they may well never have come across using resources they don't have at there disposal and that, to a certain extent can be invaluable. To some companies we are irrelevant and surplus to requirements and that is fine but to some our knowledge of a specific market, our painstakingly developed candidate pools and relevant contacts are essential in the maintenance and development of their company. 

It is the unprofessional, lazy corner cutters that spoil it for the rest of us recruiters. We all know bad reviews travel faster and further than good reviews. As Brand Ambassador, a part of my role is to bang the drum for recruitment that is done professionally, honestly and with care. When done correctly, recruitment for some companies can be an invaluable service.

We ain't all bad y'know.

Brand Ambassador Will having a think


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